Terms & Conditions

All Members agree to answer the benchmarking questions to the best of their ability. By agreeing to these terms and conditions they agree to maintain the integrity of the process and scheme by upholding an honest and professional approach to any answers selected or information supplied.

All benchmarking data published in report form and/or reflected on the website is statistical only and all information uploaded is protected and displayed as per the profile holder’s direct inputs.

All supporting evidence uploaded to the website or seen during an onsite assessment is held securely. The Security Benchmark system only holds documentation directly uploaded by profile owners or their authored representatives.

The Security Benchmark is registered with the Information Commissioners Office for Data Protection reference ZA276559.

The Security Benchmark awards are based upon verified information at the time of assessment.

Membership is valid for a 12-month period only. The Security Benchmark Limited cannot guarantee that the circumstances and performance of any Individual Company will remain uniform throughout the awarding period. The Security Benchmark reserves the right to change the registered award criteria and payment structure periodically.

Where reports are requested, downloaded and/or printed the Security Benchmark no longer holds any responsibility for its content. Members are required to use reports and information in a responsible manner in order to maintain the integrity of the scheme. Any misuse of a Benchmark Report or supporting material will be deemed a breach of these terms and conditions and potentially will be enforceable by law.

An annual subscription is applicable to the Security Benchmark Members Register. In order to be eligible to be placed on a register, members will need to have purchased a valid Benchmark subscription at the point of registration.

The Security Benchmark reserves the right to remove any member or member company from the scheme at any time if either terms and conditions are not met or unethical practice is identified.

Memberships and Reports are timeline stamped and are only applicable up to the date the report and/or membership was generated and approved. Payments are made in advance and are non-refundable for any approved membership or completed process and/or product.

The client may cancel their annual subscription to the Security Benchmark Members Register at any time and must do this in writing to info@thesecuritybenchmark.com.  If a renewal report is not generated and the appropriate fees are not paid by the anniversary date of initial registration the applicable applicant and/or company will be removed from the register until payment is made and the renewal process is completed.

All complaints must be submitted in writing to: info@thesecuritybenchmark.com

The overall, or year on year comparison data collated may be used for industry led initiatives. Any shared data will not reflect specific individual and/or company data.

The Security Benchmark has no direct connection or affiliation with the Security Industry Authority (SIA)